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At this point English is a little bit different from spanish, Italiane in spoken when deals with some verbs:

1. Gonna / going to:

Eg: I am gonna Speak English with them.

      I was gonna call you.

* Before gonna we must have the VERB to be conjugeted in the presente or s. past

* After gonna we must have the bar infinitive

2. Gotta / must, have to, hafta

Eg: I gotta go to Kigali

      She gotta hold that speech in English.

3. Gotta / gara or have a :

Eg: I gotta phone on my pocket.    

4. Wanna / want to

Eg: I wanna go home

       I wanna speak spanish

5. Wanna / want a

Eg: He wanna new car.

6. Dinna / did not, didn't

Eg: I dinna know that

      She dinna Speak in the meeting.