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Practice : I'm hungry

I’m hungry

T : Hi Sarah, how are you ?

S : Fine, how are you doing ?

T : Ok.

S : What do you want to do ?

T : I’m hungry. I’d like to eat something.

S : Where do you want to go ?

T : I’d like to go to an Australian Restaurant.

S : What kind of Italian food do you like ?

T : I like Spaghetti. Do you like Spaghetti?

S : No, i don’t, but i like Pizza.


Find out the french meaning of these following vocabulary words :

Milk, Butter, dhal, Curry, Soup, Bread, Rice, Roti, Egg, Biscuit, Cake, Sweets, Sandwich, Burger, Dabeli, Samosa, Cream, Roll, Pizza ; Posta, Noodles, Ice-cream, Dhokla, Gulab Jamun, Jaleli, Doughnut, groundnut.