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Correlative conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions:

conjunctions which are used in pairs are known as correlative conjunctions:

Ex : Either - sot Such -sthat       Neither - nor 

       As - as     Both - and    As - so

      Thought - yet    So - than

      Not only - but also     Hardly - when

      Such - as Scarecely -when

      No sooner - than

a) Either - or

John is either a typist or a taxi driver.

b) Neither - nor

She can speak neither English nor French.

c) Both - and

He is both handsome and clever.

d) Though - yet 

Though he tried to convince his wife, yet she was not happy with his words.

e) Whether - or

I don't know whether she will marry him or continue with her studies.

f) Not only - but also

He not only wrote the song but also sang it well.

g) Such - as

i read such books as increase my knowledge.


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