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Practice : Orderring Pizza

Orderring Pizza

A : Jiffy Pizza. Can i take your order ?

B : Yes, i’d live a large Pizza

A : What kind of toppings would you like on that ?

A : Uh, i don’t know. What toppings can i order ?

A : Well, we’ve got pepperoni ; sausage, bacon, ham, pineapple, mushnooms, olives, tomatoes and green peppers.

B : Hum…I’ll have sausage and mushroom. No…wait…let me change that. I’d like ham and pineapple on it.

A : Okay. Would you like a drink with that ?

B : Yes, what do you have ?

A : We’ve got one-liter bottles of apple juice, orange soda, Grape soda and Cola.

B : I’d like the orange soda. Please

A : Okay, that comes to… thirteen ninety. May i have your name, address and phone number ?

B : Uh, my name’s Joan Smith. I’m at 533 Rosewood Avenue, and you can reach me at 876- 2345

A : Okay. That’s Joan Smith at 533 Rosewood Avenue, 876-2345 ?

B : Yes, that’s right A : Okay, we’ll be there at 5 : 15.

B : In half an hour ? Great, thanks