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Define article


The article "the" is used for a class; define things, superlative degree, some rivers and mountains, countries, islands and water bodies.

Using "the" in the class and define

- The moon;    

- The soil;

- The stars.

The two first denote the class while the three other words denote the define things.

Using " the" in superlative degree

- The biggest boy;

- The ugliest woman;

- The shortest girl;

- The tallest tree;

- The most intelligent man.

Using " the" before rivers, seas, oceans and group of islands

- The Nile;

- The Pacific;

- The red sea;

- The Amazon;   

- The Canary Island.

The article " the" before chains of mountains and some countries:

- The Rwenzori.

- The Cameroon. 

- The Himalayas.

- The United States of America