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"T" For American English

- He had a great interview. [he haede gray dinnerview] .Try to enter the information. [tryda enner the infrmation]   

- Turn the printer on. [trn the prinnerän]

- Finish the printing. [f 'n'sh the prinning]

- She's at the international center. [sheez' (t)the(y)innernational senner]

- When T is Held at the end of a word

When you hold a T,as in hot, your tongue is in the position for T, but you keep the air in.

Eg: She hit the hot hut with her hat. 

       We went to that 'Net site to get what we needed.

       Pat was quite right, wasn't she?

What? Put my hat back! hot, late, fat, goat, hit, put, not, hurt, what, set, paint, wait, sit, dirt, note, fit, lot, light, suit, point, incident, tight.